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Often taken for granted, marine steering systems and boat rudder parts are some of the hardest-working components of any boat steering system. They often don't get any attention until they age or require replacement. Discount Inboard Marine is here for you when they do. We offer a selection of quality steering cables, shift knobs, rudders and more. Whether you're repairing or replacing your entire boat steering system or a single part, we have the products to help. Keep in mind that whenever changing a boat steering system component, you'll need to water-test your new system until you become familiar with how it works. 

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  1. Uflex Throttle Control 16' Cable |Buy Inboard Throttle Cable | UFLC2X16 - Discount Inboard Marine
    16' Throttle Control Cable Item #:UFLC2X16
  2. 18' Morse Steering Cable | Buy a Morse Command 290 Helm Rotary Cable Online - Discount Inboard Marine
    18' Rotary Cable Only Item #:UFLM66X18
  3. 427504.jpg
    Steering Cable Only 18 Foot Item #:TELSSC6218
  4. 82312.jpg
    3M SEALANT 5200 FAST CURE Item #:051135-05220
  5. Single Handle MV Control
    Single Handle MV Control Item #:106266
  6. Uflex Throttle Control 17' Cable |Buy Inboard Throttle Cable | UFLC2X17 - Discount Inboard Marine
    17' Throttle Control Cable Item #:UFLC2X17
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