PCM 143 Degree Thermostat Kit Ford 302 351 RP026002E

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PCM 143 Degree Thermostat Kit Ford 302 351 RP026002E:

  • Fits: 302 and 351 ford
  • Raw Water Cooled With Gasket.
  • PCM Used The 143 Degree In The Early Years 70'S To The Early 90'S. You can replace it with the 160 if desired (not for EFI engines).

This Genuine PCM OEM Thermostat Kit Ford 302 351 RP026002E is here at Discount Inboard Marine.

THERMOSTATS can fail and should be tested or replaced if questionable. The type of thermostat used is important. The only type of thermostat that will function properly is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) quality replacement!

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