OJ PROP KIT - Special Offer When Buying Prop!

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* Only Available At This Price When Ordering a Prop And Kit Together (Any Brand Prop).
* OJ Prop Kit Includes Hard Case, Puller, Wrench, Nylock Nut, Cotter Pin and Prop Key.
PROMO CODES DO NOT APPLY TO KIT SPECIAL, although they calculate at checkout. Adjustments will be made in house.
* Case measures 19"W X 14"H X 5"D.
Just-In-Case Spare Prop Kit. Don’t be caught dead in the water with a bent or broken prop. For on-the-spot propeller changes in or out of the water, be prepared with OJ’s fully equipped prop kit. Handsomely packaged, the all-in-one kit contains all you need to keep you off the beach and pulling. THIS OFFER ONLY AVAILABLE WHEN ALSO ORDERING A PROP!
Bin Number (ISBN): 23000