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OIL COOLER 5 X 1-1/4

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Transmission Oil Cooler 5" Barrel X 1-1/4" OD Barbs R147014:

  • Fits: Indmar Ford/GM, Most PCM GM. 3/8" NPT Fittings (8" tip to tip).¬†
  • Late 2005 and up Indmar with the o-ring type hydraulic hose fittings will need (2) 50219 adapters.
OIL COOLER 5 X 1-1/4
OIL COOLER 5 X 1-1/4

Transmission Oil Cooler 5" Barrel X 1-1/4" OD Barbs R147014 from Discount Inboard Marine

TRANSMISSION COOLERS The Transmission Cooler is often overlooked when troubleshooting overheating problems. The Cooler should be checked for restriction on the inlet side by removing the inlet hose and visually inspecting the cooler.

Correct any restriction found, such as:

a. Solids plugging the tubes

b. Corrosion reducing the tube diameter. Inspect your cooler regularly, flush it and replace it if necessary!

Bin Number (ISBN): 14093
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