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Impeller Jabsco 18777-0001

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* Mastercraft used a few JABSCO pumps on the LT1 engines around 1995
* Also used on some Marine Power Pt # 527272
* New Jabsco part number superceeds OLD 22120-0001 (12 flaps) same impeller.
* Jabsco pump # 23800-0201
* 2" depth, 2-1/4" O.D., 10 flaps, splined.

Impeller Jabsco 18777-0001
Impeller Jabsco 18777-0001

Most inboard boats use a raw water system to cool the engine. Cold water cycles through the engine at a safe operating temperature. Boats use impellers to take in raw water. An impeller is a hub with flexible rubber fins. When the impeller rotates, water is sucked into the cooling system.

Overall impellers tend to be durable. During operation, water keeps them lubricated and prevents from damage. That being said, the potential engine damage from a failed impeller is substantial. Without the impeller, your boat’s engine will overheat.

As a boat owner, you should pay close attention to the condition of your impeller. Regular inspections and replacements can prevent major headaches and expenses down the road. 

We recomend keeping a spare new impeller in your boat just in case. 

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