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Flush Pro 1.25" Boat Flusher

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* Most GM Engines, PCM, Indmar, Mercruiser, Some 2002 up PCM GM engines in Correct Crafts used 1" hose prior to the sea strainer
* Indmar Ford Engines, 87 up MasterCraft * Click on picture for more details
* Read instructions carefully
*Tech Tip* If you are going to suck anti freeze from a bucket by using a piece of garden hose you must tape off the water inlet on the bottom of the boat in order to have an air tight suction.

HOW IT WORKS Flush Pro permanently installs in-line with the hose leading to your boat’s impeller pump. When you want to flush your boat, simply remove the Flush Pro cap, attach a garden hose, turn on the water and start the engine. Flush Pro automatically responds to the water pressure from the hose. The double valve system closes the hull intake and allows the hose water to circulate. When you’re finished, remove the hose and replace the cap. It’s that easy! And don’t worry, Flush Pro also closes automatically when the garden hose is removed to prevent water from entering your boat if you forget to replace the cap!

FEATURES: Flush your boat engine safely and easily.Transparent so you can monitor waterflow. Durable check valve system activated by water pressure from a garden hose. Check valve automatically shuts off hull intake when water pressure is applied.Check valve prevents water from entering boat even if you forget to replace Flush Pro cap after flushing.Tune up and change oil easily at your convenience. Winterize your boat with adapter by running antifreeze from a bucket into the Flush Pro system. Available for standard 1 inch or 1 1/4 inch hose sizes. 1-1/4" inlet/outlet hose barbs, 8" total length tip to tip.

Bin Number (ISBN): 43092
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