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Prestolite Electronic Module Only

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Replacement Module for clip-down or screw-down Prestolite electronic distributors with original Prestolite modules. (purple and black wire) 


Prestolite Electronic Module Only
Prestolite Electronic Module Only

PLEASE NOTE:  An advance spring kit is NOT included (match them up at the automotive supplier).  Also, grommets will vary.  May need to trim grommet with a razorblade to fit the hole in the distributor bowl. 

Original Prestolite electronic MODULE ONLY. Clip or screw down cap compatible. Must have the original Prestolite trigger wheel. The rotor sits on the trigger wheel and below the rotor are 8 sharp points (fins) that come within .008" of the module. Will not work with aftermarket Pertronix, Mallory, or Sierra conversion kits.

Bin Number (ISBN): 1321
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