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Clutch Plate Inner Reverse Borg Warner

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Friction (pressure) plate - quantity 2 needed, unless you have a 71-C with S/N 10-17-001 or 10-17-002 then you only need 1 (V.D. Part # 71-71).
Clutch Plate Inner Reverse Borg Warner
Clutch Plate Inner Reverse Borg Warner
BORG WARNER TRANSMISSIONS, known for their smooth, Velvet Drive, have been the industry standard for decades. The 71C and 72C designations indicate input horsepower ranges. Typically, a 71C is found on small blocks and a 72C is used on big block applications. The most popular model is the in-line unit. In-line indicates that the input and output shafts of the transmission are on the same axis. Direct Drive (1:1) versions of the in-line models are frequently used on high horsepower, lightweight boats. The reduction ratio versions (1.5:1) use an additional planetary gear set to allow the use of larger propellers for greater pulling power at lower shaft speeds, often found on Mastercrafts.
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