Carb Retro Kit TBI Pro-Tec RF052019-03

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Carb Retro Kit TBI Pro-tec RF052019-03

  • Fits: Ford 351
  • Kit Includes Holley 4160 (600 cfm) carburetor, base gasket, flame arrestor & bolt, metal fuel line from pump to carb, mechanical fuel pump, mounting bolts, 2 fuel pump fittings and pump vent line
  • For PTI removal you will also need Item RK107025A to replace the PCM Pro-Tec electrical components.



Carb Retro Kit TBI Pro-Tec RF052019-03

This kit was designed as a cost-effective way to remove PCM Pro-Tec throttle body fuel injection components. Item RK107025A replaces the electrical components. Also a good value for older 351 engines that need a new fuel pump and carb.

Bin Number (ISBN): 92809