HVS Distributor Cap Indmar & PCM Vortec RA108009

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HVS Distributor Cap Vortec RA108009:

  • Fits: 2002 UP PCM 5.0 & 5.7 MPI, 2006 UP INDMAR (a few were Delco in 06) MCX, Monsoon, LCR, RTP 1, Assault.
    * Rotor sold separately here.
    * Gap plugs .060" platinum or iridium plugs recommended.
Purchase this OEM HVS Distributor Cap Vortec RA108009 from Discount Inboard Marine.
Be careful with the 2 screws that hold down the cap, they have lock tight and can be stubborn to remove. when installing the new cap and screws, try not to overtighten. You will need Torx T15 & T20 screwdrivers to change out the cap & rotor.
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