A.R.E. Drive Shaft System 1-1/8" SPLINED 5" INV. Coupler

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for 2003 and Up MASTERCRAFT with SPLINED prop & V-Drive with inverted coupler for HSW 630 VI & ZF 63 IV Transmissions.

System Drive Shaft. The patented A.R.E. System is a double-taper drive shaft and coupling setup designed to greatly reduce the time and effort needed to remove and replace drive shafts. When used with tools developed by A.R.E. for drive train maintenance, the System typically cuts installation time in half. System drive shafts are made of the finest shaft materials and are individually inspected to ensure the tapers have less than .003" T.I.R. runout and the coupling face runout is within .002" T.I.R. The shafts are straightened to less than .002" on 42" centers, producing a complete assembly far exceeding industry standards. This dual taper shaft system includes everything in the picture except the coupler retaining nut socket Item #2216. Please supply the tip to tip measurement of your old shaft for accuracy.

Bin Number (ISBN): 81414