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79"-84" W X 30"-32" H Bimini-Top Sharkskin 5 Foot

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The perfect bimini top for your ski boat, so you can get out of the harsh sun which means, fresh shade and no more sunburn. Measuring instructions below. 79"-84" Width X 30"-32" Height, 3 Bow. 

79"-84" W X 30"-32" H Bimini-Top Sharkskin 5 Foot
79"-84" W X 30"-32" H Bimini-Top Sharkskin 5 Foot 79"-84" W X 30"-32" H Bimini-Top Sharkskin 5 Foot

These tops are made by Westland and are drop shipped direct to you from the factory. They are made to order and please allow 2 weeks to manufacture.

How To Choose The Right Bimini For Your Boat

1. Using a tape measure, decide what area or portion of the boat you would like the top to cover (5' to 8' lengths available).

2. Two 90-degree standard deck mounts are included with each bimini for mounting on a horizontal surface; however, several other types of mounts are available for mounting on vertical, angled, curved or rounded areas. The pivotal mounting point where the top’s main bow attaches on each side of the boat is approximately halfway between the front and the rear of the top. Determine the best location to install the mounts (one on each side of the boat) and measure the distance across the boat from one mounting point to the other to determine the width of the top you need. Please note: Do not install bimini mounts on windshield wings if they are not stout enough to handle the pressure or if there is a possibility of shattering the glass when drilling.

3. To determine how high a top you need, measure from the pre-determined mounting point straight up until you reach the height you desire. The top heights listed are from the point on the boat where the top is mounted straight up to the very top portion of the bimini. 

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