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15' Teleflex Rack Steering Cable

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High-Performance Marine Steering Featuring a Unique TFXTREME core steering cable delivers incredible response and minimal lost motion. Replaces Teleflex part # SSC15415 backmount rack cables. 



15' Teleflex Rack Steering Cable
15' Teleflex Rack Steering Cable

TELSSC15415 15' Teleflex (SeaStar Solutions) Rack Steering Cable

  • OEM Installed on Many models and also Malibu Boats 1996 to current (Some 95' Models equipped)
  • Teleflex TFXtreme, Back Mount Rack and Pinion steering cable only
  • Can be used in place of SSC134 cables with SH5210P or SH5030P helms

Replace your loose Teleflex rack and pinion cable with the best steering cable available. TFXTREME premium cables have a heavy jacket and a splined, coated core element for smooth steering with minimal lost motion (4" min. bend radius). Black HDPE outer casing for durability and the best resistance to UV and chemicals. Cables meet/exceed all applicable industry standards. It can be used in place of SSC134 cables with SH5210P or SH5030P helms.

Looking for the right length? On the cable itself, about 12-24" from the rack, the cable part number is stamped with white letters on the sheathing. The last two digits of the part number are the cable length. (Example SSC13415 = 15' Ft Cable)

Not able to locate the manufactures number? Remove and measure your existing cable as follows: Measure the plastic cable jacket in Inches and add 30” to that number you just measured, then round up to the next foot and that is your cable length to order.

Note: Teleflex was purchased by SeaStar Solutions. Some packaging will state SeaStar 

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