OJ 310 13 X 11.5 Propeller LH 1" XMP Keyed

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1:1 Trans, Replaces 13X13 Legend/Force
* More Blade Surface Over The Legend 3 Bld,
Better Holeshot While Providing Max Top Speed
Great For Wakeboarding and Slalom.
XMP Johnson OJ310

Several customers have commented on this prop. One said "This prop rocks!" feels like a 20% increase in power compared to his old 13 X 13 non CNC prop when pulling slalom skiers (93 Mastercraft 190 ran out at 4600 rpm at 44 mph).
Another customer with a 91 Malibu running 1500 lbs ballast for wakeboarding said "It felt like I added 100 hp to the engine".
One more said "I was astounded at the difference it made over the stock prop that came on my 97 prostar 190".
Bin Number (ISBN): 101505